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  • The importance of a car wrap in your marketing mix

    When it comes to marketing a business, you have many different avenues to pursue: online, print, radio, billboard and more. With numerous options within each one of these categories, results in even more choices. While each of these mediums has their merits, we know the effectiveness of vehicle wraps and recommend that you add it into your marketing mix.

    Supporting your marketing goals

    tiger-tools-wrapsThe purpose of marketing is to bring in more leads and generate business. Your marketing has goals within that, such as: create brand awareness, generate interest, educate consumers, create opportunities, and convert on leads. Wraps help with these goals, and if included in your marketing mix, they can be an effective part of a greater overall plan.

    Wraps in your mix

    Vinyl wraps are a great way to generate brand awareness and interest. You could run a print ad in a local magazine or paper. This may help kick-start consumer awareness of your brand, which is then reinforced by people seeing your wrap driving around their area. This geographic targeting can be very effective. Similarly, you may have a fancy new website designed to take in leads and educate the consumer. On your wrap your website address should be included to drive potential customers online to your website. The wrap brings awareness and interest to your brand, they will then visit your website to learn more and potential become a lead after filling out a form or picking up the phone.

    We have talked before about the effectiveness in both cost and exposure of a vehicle wrap. If you are reviewing your business’ marketing efforts, think about the effectiveness of each method, how they work together, and consider including a vehicle wrap in your plan as well. While it is just one tool in your marketing belt, it can support all your other marketing efforts to generate more leads for your business.

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