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    Building wraps can make a big impact on your retail space. Many businesses are beginning to see the advantage in using building wraps for both advertising opportunities and overall aesthetics.

    Whether it’s for a commercial retail space or a restaurant, building and wall wraps provide businesses with a unique marketing opportunity. Building and wall wraps can be used to bring attention to featured products, brands, and promotions. What ever you are looking to have done, our in-house graphic design team can take care of the entire design and installation for you!

    building wrap for funnel cakes food stand

    Building wraps can be used to cover a large portion of a building (between one to four sides) and should be designed in a way that allows consumers to glance at the image and immediately know what the ad is about. While building wraps are most often used for advertising purposes, they can also be used to cover-up a building site, reducing the spread of dust and other debris, while also concealing construction work from the public eye.

    Benefits of Building Wraps

    Since building wraps are often larger than life and appear to be somewhat out of place, it is almost impossible for consumers not to notice them, whether or not they are interested in the product or brand. Building wraps, unlike television or radio ads, cannot be turned off. This means that building wraps can be seen by a wide audience of people at any time of day, helping you create stronger brand awareness. Placing this type of vinyl wrap advertisement close to the store being advertised can also help drive sales because it will entice customers to buy products right away. As a form of outdoor advertising, building wraps are affordable and effective.

    Building wraps can be used for more than advertising; they also function as effective and durable signage. Building wrap signage can take the form of a full vinyl wall wrap, a building banner, or a window graphic. Window decals or graphics are one of the most commonly used forms of vinyl building wraps.

    Building Wrap Designs from Wrap Guys

    At Wrap Guys, we understand the importance of creating an eye-catching advertisement that will not only help you reach your target audience but also drum up sales. That is why all of our building wrap designs are created using high-quality 3M vinyl materials and are designed to match each individual customer’s needs and wants. With the help of our in-house team of graphic artists, you will be able to create a completely custom advertisement, designed to match the aesthetics and appeal of your company brand.

    For more information about building wraps and how they can work for your brand, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Building Wraps

    What is a building wrap?

    Building wraps are vinyl, billboard-like advertisements that are printed and then attached to the side of a building in order to capture the attention of a specific audience. Most commonly used in larger cities, this type of vinyl wrap can be the ideal vehicle for creating larger-than-life advertising wraps.

    How much does a building wrap cost?

    All of our building wraps vary in both size and scope. It is difficult for us to provide an exact price range for these wraps. If you’re interested in a custom designed building wrap, call us today and we can provide you with a free quote right away.

    How long do building wraps last?

    Our building wraps are printed using the latest technology and highest quality printing materials. This ensures that our building wraps will last as long as you need them to! We can design short-term wraps for trade shows and promotional activities or long-term wraps for interior design applications.

    Is you work covered under a warranty of guarantee?

    Absolutely! Our wraps are covered with an industry-leading warranty that we’re very proud of!