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Full Vehicle Wraps

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    Are you looking for a better way to advertise your business in British Columbia or Alberta? Are you looking for a company that can easily handle all of your vehicle wrap needs? Then the talented team of in-house graphic artists from Wraps Guys has you covered. No matter what type of vehicle you are looking to have wrapped for your business—car, truck, jeep, van, semi-truck, boat, plane—if you can name it, we can wrap it. All of our full vehicle wraps are designed to help businesses generate better brand awareness and recognition for years to come.

    Full work vehicle wraps

    Vinyl vehicle wrap process

    When it comes to creating your dream vehicle wrap, the first and most important step is for us to take the time to really get to know you and your business. That is why we always have a one-on-one consultation with each of our clients, so that we can fully understand your marketing objectives and brand guidelines and ensure that your message is being properly represented to your target market.

    Vinyl vehicle wrap design

    Once we have a clear idea of what you are looking for, our talented team of in-house graphic designers will conduct industry research before putting together a design concept that is tailored to your business and objectives. After we have a design that we believe is right for you, we will give you some time to review and approve it before we finalize and render the design for printing. If there is anything that you would like to change about the design, our team will make the required adjustments and then send it back to you to re-review.

    Full vehicle wrap design

    Printing vinyl vehicle wraps

    All vehicle wraps from Wrap Guys are printed on our in-house printers, using the latest technology and high-quality printing materials. Once your wrap has been printed, our team will also take the time to laminate the wrap in a glossy UV layer to help protect it from exposure to the sun and other weather elements, as well as to ensure that the wrap is both aesthetically pleasing and long lasting.

    Vinyl vehicle wrap installation

    The final step in the vehicle wrap process is installing your newly printed vinyl wrap. Thanks to extensive training and years of experience our installation technicians can install your vehicle wrap seamlessly without any bumps or bubbles.

    Full vehicle wraps from Wrap Guys

    No matter what type of vehicle you are looking to have wrapped, our full vehicle wraps can provide you with the perfect advertising solution of your business needs. Get in touch with the professional team from Wrap Guys today to find out more about how we can help you create the perfect custom vehicle wrap for your exact business goals.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Full Vehicle Wraps


    What is a full vehicle wrap?

    A full vehicle wrap covers your vehicle’s paint from top to bottom. It looks incredible while keeping your vehicle protected!

    How much does a full vehicle wrap cost?

    It completely depends on the size and specifications of your vehicle. For instance, a full vehicle wrap for a small car will likely be less expensive than a full vehicle wrap for a large truck. Our prices usually range between $1359.00 and $2495.00. We offer different price for commercial vehicles such as trailers, sprinters and cube vans. For a free quote on a vehicle wrap, call us today!

    How long does a full vehicle wrap last?

    A long time! We only use the highest quality printing technology and materials, ensuring that our wraps last at least 9 years.

    Is a full vehicle wrap covered under a warranty of guarantee?

    Yes, absolutely! Our industry-leading warranty guarantees our full vehicle wraps for 7 years! If you ever have any complications with your full vehicle wrap, just give us a call. Customer service is a top priority for us and we’re committed to handling your concerns immediately.