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Colour change car wraps

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    Looking to change your car’s colour to inject some new life into it? Look no further than a colour change car wrap for your vehicle! With a colour change wrap, you can transform your entire car and make it whatever colour or finish that you desire. We have a huge selection of colour options for you to choose from as well as a variety of different vehicle wrap finishes to help give your ride a one-of-a-kind look.

    More affordable than paint

    Not only are colour change car wraps more affordable than paint, they add an additional layer of protection to your vehicle’s underlying paint. When looking to change the colour of your vehicle, a colour change car wrap is the obvious choice!

    Matte vinyl wrap care

    Vinyl colour change options

    Determining what you want the colour of your new vehicle to have never been easier, as vinyl wrapping offers a wide range of vivid colours to choose from. You can even select the finish of your vinyl wrap to help make your car even more of a statement.

    Gloss Wraps

    Gloss vinyl wraps have a shiny finish, providing a reflective surface which looks fantastic in the sun. A glossy vinyl finish provides your car with a look similar to paint but better and more affordable.

    Matte Finish Wraps

    With a vinyl matte wrap, you can add some serious character to your vehicle. One of the most popular requests we get are for matte black and metallic finishes. Since these wraps do not have a shiny finish, they can easily replicate the look of metal.

    Textured Wraps

    Looking for something even more outside the norm? A textured wrap may be the way to go. A common request we get is for carbon fibre wraps. With our high-quality vinyl, we can mimic the look of carbon fibre, which is common in many high-end sport and luxury vehicles. If a textured wrap isn’t unique enough for your tastes, we can explore something even wilder like a wood finish wrap.

    Benefits of using vinyl to change your car’s colour

    One Colour Vinyl WrapIf you are considering trying to decide between painting your vehicle or getting it wrapped to change the colour, here are some important factors to consider:

    • Cover up the old – A vinyl wrap is another layer on your vehicle, so any scratches will be covered up by the new colour you are applying, leaving your vehicle looking brand new after the wrap is installed.
    • Adds a layer of protection – Because there is another layer of protection on your vehicle, the vinyl can actually help to prevent any minor scratches which can occur over time.
    • Can be removed in the future – Unlike traditional car paint, a vinyl colour wrap can be removed so you can go back to the original colour. This means you can change your car’s colour without worrying about resale value.
    • UV protection prevents colour fading – Normal car paint can fade overtime. Our high-quality vinyl wraps have a protective UV coating which will help the paint to maintain its colour and stay vivid for years.
    • Cost – Colour changing car wraps are much more affordable than a new paint job for your vehicle.

    If you are looking to change the colour of your vehicle, look no further than a vinyl wrap. With a wide range of colour options, the ability to remove the wrap in the future, and added protection, a vinyl colour change to your car may be the best option for you. Get in touch with the car wrap colour change experts from Wrap Guys today.