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Car Wraps Edmonton

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    Vinyl Vehicle Wraps Edmonton

    Edmonton Car Wraps Starting at $697!

    Edmonton’s #1 Choice for Custom Car Wraps

    If you own a business in the Edmonton area and are looking for a better way to advertise to potential customers or if you want to give your personal car a little more pizazz, a vinyl car wrap might be the perfect solution for you. All of our Edmonton car wraps are specifically designed to suit the needs of each individual customer, making it easy to incorporate any images, messaging, or colours you can imagine.

    Edmonton car wraps

    As a destination that is often travelled to by people from all over the globe, Edmonton offers a wide variety of tourist attractions, such as the West Edmonton Mall, Galaxyland, the Muttart Conservatory, the Art Gallery of Alberta, and the Royal Alberta Museum. Business owners who are looking to capitalize on advertising to the tourist population can benefit from purchasing a custom car wrap. Wrap Guys is proud to provide customers living and working throughout Edmonton with high-quality vinyl wrap products, including customers throughout the following communities and neighbourhoods:

    • Westmount
    • Glenora
    • Strathcona
    • Garneau
    • Downtown
    • Bonnie Doon
    • Windermere
    • Summerside
    • Belgravia
    • Inglewood
    • Central McDougall
    • Stratheam
    • West Endomonton
    • Pleasantview

    Business Car Wraps in Edmonton

    Car wraps provide a cost-effective and easy solution for advertising to a wide range of different people throughout Edmonton. No matter what design, messaging, or colours you want to use, the team of in-house graphic artists from Wrap Guys can help you create a vinyl wrap that is uniquely suited for your business and is designed to display all of your important company information.

    Business car wraps in Edmonton

    Reach Your Target Audience with Car Wraps

    Unlike other forms of advertising, custom car wraps are designed to target potential customers both on and off the road and are available with a one-time fee. This means that your car wrap will not only be designed to reach your target audience but also to market your business for years to come.

    Personal Car Wraps in Edmonton

    Edmonton residents can easily update the exterior look of their vehicles by purchasing custom car wraps. All vinyl car wraps are designed to match the unique personality for each individual customer and can include any imagery, colours, or patterns imaginable.

    Edmonton business car wrap

    Vinyl Car Wraps Made from High-Quality Materials

    All car wraps from Wrap Guys are made using high-quality vinyl materials—3M vinyl and Avery cast vinyl—which are specifically designed to last for years on end, even in harsh weather conditions. Thanks to the special UV protection layer, car wraps are also protected against damage caused by sun exposure.

    Custom Car Wraps from Wrap Guys

    If you are living in the Edmonton area and are thinking about getting a car wrap for your business or personal vehicle, we can help. Get in touch with the talented team of graphic artists from Wrap Guys today to find out more about how we can help you design the ideal vehicle wrap for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Edmonton Car Wraps

    How much does a car wrap cost?

    All of our car wraps usually range in cost, somewhere between $659.00 and $2495.00. The cost of your specific car wrap will depend on the size and specifications of your car. For a free quote on a car wrap for your vehicle, call us today!

    How long does a car wrap last?

    Our high-quality printing technology and strong, durable vinyl materials are designed to help your car wrap last at least 9 years.

    Is a car wrap covered under a warranty of guarantee?

    We offer an industry-leading warranty that protects our car wraps for 7 years. If you experience any problems with your car wrap, give us call. Our customer service has and will always be our top priority and we are committed to handling any concerns you might have right away.