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Wall Wraps

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    Personalize your wall with a vinyl wrap

    Unlike with paint, wall wraps provide endless design options, which means you can create a one-of-a-kind look that will easily capture the attention of your target audience. While wall wraps are most commonly used to create feature walls, they can also be wrapped around corners and on various surfaces (smooth paint, form-core panels, PVC, etc.), allowing for multiple walls to be wrapped without a break in the design.

    vinyl white wall wrap

    What is a wall wrap?

    Wall wraps are printed vinyl that is designed to adhere to walls in order to provide visual interest. This type of vinyl wrap is the perfect way to customize any interior or exterior wall in your home, retail space, or office building, as it can be used for creating both brand awareness and overall aesthetics.

    The Advantages of Wall Wraps

    Similar to wall murals, custom wall wraps allow you to transform whole walls into impact pieces of art, featuring high-quality photos, images, or custom-designed graphics. All vinyl wrap products offer quick installation, transforming your area with minimal disruption to everyday life.

    Wall wraps or wall murals can also be a more cost-effective solution to creating a custom piece when compared to custom paint jobs, as they are specifically designed to last for years to come with little to no maintenance required. All vinyl wall murals come with a special protective UV layer to prevent damage caused by the sun’s rays.

    vinyl red wall wrap

    Wall Wrap Designs from Wrap Guys

    Whether you are looking to customize a wall in your home, retail space, or office building, our team can help. At Wrap Guys, we know that, when it comes to designing a wall wrap, there is no limit on pattern, colours, or images that can be used. That is why our team of in-house graphic artists will always take the time to understand your wants and needs in order to create the perfect custom wall wrap for your particular space.

    Some of the different uses for wall wraps include:

    • Branding an event or office space with your company logo
    • Creating an awe-inspiring reception area
    • Bringing the outside in with photographs of nature or the local area
    • Driving product and campaign awareness
    • Displaying inspiring quotes
    • Creating calm and functional work environments
    • Transforming dull walkways

    If you are thinking about getting a wall wrap for your home or office space, please get in touch with our expert team today by calling 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.