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Jeep Wraps

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    Vinyl Wraps for Jeeps

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    What is a Jeep Wrap?

    Jeep Wraps are custom 3M vinyl wraps that can cover all or some of the vehicle with a graphic, pattern, or colour. These wraps work to protect the vehicle’s underlying paint, as well as to make a statement about the owner or their business.

    jeep grand cherokee vinyl wrap

    Using high-quality 3M vinyl, Wrap Guys designs Jeep wraps that assert your brand in a unique way. Custom wraps are temporary and can be changed, which makes them ideal for owners who want to alter the look of their vehicle.

    They are also extremely durable and last for at least nine years, which means that, if you are looking to advertise your business, a custom vinyl wrap from Wrap Guys can be a lasting mobile publicity strategy.

    Whether you want to print a company graphic and web address or simply deck out your Jeep in awesome camouflage, vinyl wrapping is the way to go!

    Reasons to Wrap your Jeep

    If it is an advertising campaign that you are looking for, then a Jeep wrap is one of the most effective solutions you could find. Unlike a billboard, a vehicle wrap travels with you, which increases the reachable audience for your advertisement. While other forms of advertising might require a monthly fee, custom wrapping only requires one payment.

    jeep wrangler vinyl wrap

    3M vinyl wraps are finished with a UV resistant layer to protect your Jeep from the sun and reduce weathering and discolouration of both the wrap and your vehicle, and it are also extremely durable, protecting your Jeep from scratches, dings, and chips.

    Unlike paint jobs which are permanent and costly, vinyl wraps change the aesthetic of Jeeps without altering its value when the time comes to sell.

    Jeep Wrapping with Wrap Guys

    At Wrap Guys, we have years of experience in custom vehicle wrapping, and we understand the value of a vehicle that stands out. That is why we custom tailor each of our wraps to suit our clients’ needs, and our in-house graphic designers work with our clients to make sure they get exactly what they want.

    jeep cherokee vinyl wrap

    We can wrap any type of jeep or subcompact SUV on the market including but not limited to the following:

    • Jeep Wrangler
    • Jeep TJ
    • Jeep YJ
    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Jeep Cherokee
    • Jeep Compass
    • Jeep Renegade
    • Suzuki Samurai
    • Suzuki Sidekick
    • Ford Bronco

    Whether your Jeep is custom built or completely stocked, adding this custom touch to your vehicle will help it to stand out. There is nothing our team loves more than creating designs our customers can be proud of.

    If you have any questions about custom Jeep wraps or if you are interested in our wrapping services, do not hesitate to call us at 604-996-6389 or fill out a contact form on our website.