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Vehicle Wraps for Delivery Vehicles

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    Delivery Vehicle Wraps Starting at $697!

    Because delivery vehicles are always on the go, vinyl wraps create the opportunity to reach a wider demographic with your message. Vinyl wraps for delivery vehicles can display anything that you want, from a simple logo to an intricate work of art. By putting a vinyl wrap on your delivery vehicle, you allow it to function as a mobile billboard advertising your brand.

    delivery vinyl van wrap

    What are Vinyl Wraps for Delivery Vehicles?

    Vinyl wraps are high-quality, custom-designed decals that can cover all or part of a vehicle to promote a brand or business. For delivery vehicles, these custom wraps are intended to grab the attention of any onlooker and convince them that they, too, should be ordering from your company, whether it is to deliver food or other merchandise.

    The Benefits of Delivery Vehicle Vinyl Wraps

    Delivery vehicle wraps are an affordable, effective, and creative form of publicity. While billboards and bench advertisements require monthly fees and are immobile, your vinyl service vehicle wrap needs only one payment and can go wherever you go, which greatly increases the audience of your advertisement.

    boston pizza vinyl delivery car wrap

    As a form of marketing, custom vinyl vehicle wraps are unobtrusive; they promote the brand through clever design and public placement rather than through a pushy and aggressive ad campaign. 3M Vinyl wraps have the bonus effect of protecting your delivery vehicle from harmful sunlight and weather conditions by including protective UV coating that keeps your custom wrap and car looking vibrant and new.

    3M vinyl wraps also help to protect your vehicle from the dings and scratches that delivery vehicles typically come across in their constant travels.

    Delivery Vehicle Wraps from Wrap Guys

    Wrap Guys uses only the highest of quality 3M vinyl wrapping material for all of our delivery vehicle wraps. We understand how important brand recognition is for business, especially for people in the delivery industry. To help ensure that your brand stands out and remains in the minds of spectators, our team of in-house graphic artists will work with you and come up with a design that suits your industry and your vehicle.

    All of our wraps are backed up by our industry leading warranty of guarantee, and with the right treatment a vehicle wrap from Wrap Guys can last for more than nine years. Vinyl vehicle wraps are temporary, and they can be removed or adjusted at any time without risking damage to the vehicle’s paint.

    If you would like to learn more about our custom delivery vehicle vinyl wraps, or to inquire about any of our other services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or fill out a contact form on our website.