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vancouver partial car wraps


    Get your brand noticed
    in a BIG way!

    Starting at $697!

    We’ve got a wrap for that!

    Thinking about a partial vehicle wrap? You’re in luck! Wrap Guys can create a partial wrap for any type of vehicle on the market, including cars, trucks, jeeps and vans.

    A partial vehicle wrap gets your brand out there without breaking the bank. There are plenty of different options available for partial vehicle wraps including window signage and decals. Our in-house design team can work with your vehicle’s current paint job to create a seamless partial vehicle wrap that has the appearance of a full vehicle wrap. Our expert graphic designers can make use of colours and transitions to ensure your partial vehicle wrap has maximum impact.

    Our partial vehicle wrap process begins with our team reviewing your company’s brand styles and business objectives through a one-on-one consultation. After the consultation, our in-house graphic designers will research your company’s industry and review current trends in order to put together concepts for you to review. Before moving forward with any of the designs, we first make sure that we have your approval.

    After receiving your approval, we render the design and print! Our high-calibre printers use the latest technology, ink, and printing materials to produce stunning vehicle wraps. All of our wraps are finished with a glossy UV laminate to protect them from damage, and come with an industry-leading 5-year warranty!

    Once we have your partial vehicle wrap printed, our certified installation team takes over to ensure that your wrap is installed seamlessly. Our wrap installers are highly trained and experienced. This is why our vehicle wraps are #1 in the business!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Partial Vehicle Wraps


    What is a partial vehicle wrap?

    A partial vehicle wrap covers between 25%-75% of your vehicle. Our talented in-house design team can work with your vehicle’s current paint colour to create a partial vehicle wrap that looks like a full vehicle wrap. A partial vehicle from Wrap Guys is just as impactful as a full wrap.

    What is the cost of a partial vehicle wrap?

    It depends on the exact size and specifications but usually somewhere between $495 – $1695. For a free quote on a partial vehicle wrap, call us today!

    How long will a partial vehicle wrap last for?

    A long time! Just like our full vehicle wraps, our partial vehicle wraps are printed using high-quality materials and industry-leading technology, ensuring that our wraps last at least 9 years.

    Are your vehicle wraps covered under a warranty of guarantee?

    Yes, absolutely! Our industry-leading warranty guarantees our partial vehicle wraps for 7 years! If you ever have any complications with your partial vehicle wrap, just give us a call. Customer service is a top priority for us and we’re committed to handling your concerns immediately.