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3M Vinyl Wraps

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    3M Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Materials

    3M Vinyl Wraps Starting at $697!

    Are you thinking about vinyl wrapping your personal vehicle? Are you looking to purchase a custom film wrap for your business vehicle, walls, or windows? A 3M vinyl film provides the perfect solution for creating custom wrap solutions for any application. At Wrap Guys, we only use the highest quality vinyl materials, such as 3M premium vinyl films and Avery cast vehicle wrap film, for our custom vehicle wrap solutions so that we can ensure you will be receiving a long-lasting, durable vinyl product.

    3M vinyl wraps

    What is 3M Vinyl Wrap Film Series?

    3M vinyl is an extremely flexible and durable, two-millimetre-thick film that can be easily adhered to any type of vehicle, as well as a selection of other surfaces. With a barely noticeable profile, 3M vinyl film creates a custom look, as if the pattern or design is flawlessly printed or painted directly onto the surface it is adhering to. Some of the surfaces that can be wrapped with 3M vinyl include walls, windows, buildings, and any vehicle such as:

    • Car
    • SUV
    • Truck
    • Van
    • RV
    • Trailer
    • Motorcycle
    • Boat
    • ATV
    • Classic Car

    All our film solutions are created using 3M vinyl materials like Avery cast vinyl and can be cast in a variety of different base colours, including with a tint or clear with a matte vinyl or gloss vinyl finish. Our 3M vinyl film styles are also printed using top-of-the-line latex ink to depict whatever colours, patterns, or designs you can image. Unlike custom paint jobs, the vinyl materials in 3M wrap film series solutions can last a minimum of seven to nine years, and the film can help protect your vehicle from dings and scratches while maintaining a beautiful matte or gloss vinyl finish.

    3m vinyl wrap materials

    Why Choose 3M Vehicle Wrap Film Materials?

    In our experience, 3M’s ControlTac and Avery cast vinyl systems conform to the curves and details of a vehicle better than other types of vinyl because 3M vinyl products easily release air bubbles through invisible air-release channels, resulting in a smooth, flawless film finish. 3M vinyl’s thin profile and flexibility also allows the film to stick well to any surface it is being adhered to, and the 3M vinyl will not warp or discolour over time.

    All our 3M series vinyl film solutions are coated with a special UV film layer to help protect the 3M vinyl print from sunlight and other harsh weather conditions. The special film coating can also help provide a higher level of scratch resistance, keeping your custom 3M wrap, vehicle, wall, or window in pristine condition.

    3m vinyl car wrapping

    Matte & Gloss Vinyl Wrapping with Wrap Guys

    With years of experience in creating custom wrap film series solutions, we have found that 3M film provides the best canvas for printing our customers’ designs. We firmly believe that our wrapping skills and the 3M vinyl that we use are of the highest quality, and we back up this confidence with an unrivalled warranty of guarantee.

    No matter what type of surface you are looking to wrap, our dedicated team of in-house graphic artists can help you create the perfect custom 3M vinyl solution for your specific wants and needs. Get in touch with the 3M wrap experts from Wrap Guys today to get started on your custom 3M film wrap project.