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About Wrap Guys

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    25+ years of vinyl wrapping experience

    Wrap Guys has been wrapping vehicles and other specialty items in Vancouver, Greater Vancouver & the Lower Mainland for over 25 years. In our early years, we saw a lot of other Vancouver companies get into the wrapping industry without the proper training and fundamentals in place. As a result, customers were having serious issues with the quality and durability of their vehicle wraps. This created a real need in the marketplace for a vehicle wrapping company that placed quality and attention to detail at the top of their priorities. To address this need, Wrap Guys set out to raise the bar and set the highest possible standard for quality and precision.

    Unrivaled Vehicle Wrapping Experience

    Vehicle wrapping is not something that can be learned through a textbook or two week course. It takes years of training and experience to achieve the level of detail that Wrap Guys can provide. At Wrap Guys, all of our wrap installers have at least 10 years of vehicle wrapping experience, ensuring that the job gets done right the first time! As a testament to our unrivalled quality, we offer an industry-leading warranty of guarantee.

    When you need a vehicle wrap done right, call the professionals at Wrap Guys. We’ve got you covered!