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Cube Van Wraps

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    Cube Truck Wrap Design

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    Are you wanting to brand your company’s fleet of cube vans? Are you looking for a more cost-effective advertising solution for getting your company name and information out there? Vinyl cube truck wraps are the ideal solution for relaying essential business information to a wide range of different customers. All of our graphics for cube vans are designed by our talented team of in-house graphic artists who will work closely with you throughout the entire design process to ensure that your specific advertising needs are being properly met.

    vinyl wraps for cube vans

    What is a Cube Truck Wrap?

    A cube van wrap is a large vinyl decal that can be applied to the exterior of the truck in order to promote a business, provide essential contact information, and improve the overall design look and appeal of the work vehicle. Wrapping a cube truck is a great advertising option for all kinds of businesses because it allows you to boost the company’s professional appeal, while also promoting trust with potential customers. Cube truck vinyl graphics are also a great option for growing businesses because they can be designed using any colours, images, and messaging imaginable and they can be removed from the truck at any point without damaging the underlying paint. This means that you can change up the information used in the graphic design —website URL, phone number, brand logo, messaging, product information, service information, etc.—as often and as many times as you need.

    salvation army cube van wrap

    Benefits of Cube Truck Wraps

    Since cube vans are one of the most popular types of vehicles used by companies in a range of different industries, wrapping your fleet of box vans can help your vehicles stand out from the competition on the road. Compared to other kinds of advertising solutions, such as billboards and commercials, vinyl van wraps require little to no upkeep and only require a one-time payment for years of advertising. Graphics for cube trucks can also make it easier for your business to reach a larger audience of potential customers because the vehicle wrap advertisement will travel wherever your employees do.

    In order to ensure that our customers are receiving long-lasting products, all of our cube truck wraps are made using the highest quality vinyl materials—Avery cast vinyl and 3M vinyl—and are coated in a special UV protection layer which is specifically designed to help protect the vehicle’s paint from small dings and scratches. Since van wraps can be removed at any time without damaging the paint underneath, they are a great option for companies that lease vehicles, as well as for businesses that want to preserve the resale value of the fleet.

    Contact Us for Vehicle Wrap Graphic Design

    We know that wrapping your fleet of cube vans can help improve leads, while also giving your company vehicles a more professional look and appeal. No matter what design elements, colours, images, or messaging you want to incorporate into the design, we would love to help with all of your business van wrapping needs. Contact our talented team of in-house graphic artists today to find out more about how we can help you create the best vehicle wrap advertisement for your business.