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specialty projects

  • Wrap Guys Service Pricing

    Wrap Guys loves a challenge.
    We wrap anything and everything!

    All custom projects are welcome.

    Our in-house graphic designers love a good challenge, so if you have something out of the ordinary that you are looking to have wrapped, give us a call and we’ll turn your specialty project into a reality!

    Over the course of our 25+ years in the vehicle wrap business, we’ve been able to complete some amazing specialty projects, ranging from trailer and concrete pump wraps to beer keg and ATV wraps. If you have a specialty wrap project in mind, call the vinyl wrap experts at Wrap Guys today!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Special Wraps


    What is considered a specialty wrap?

    A specialty wrap is anything that doesn’t fit into our standard vehicle wrap, building wrap, wall wrap and dance floor wrap services. Specialty wrap projects are where are team has the most fun. We love taking on custom wrap projects because they allow our team to showcase its talent! If you have a specialty wrap project in mind, don’t hesitate to call us.

    What is the cost of a specialty wrap?

    This depends on the project itself. Since specialty wrap projects vary in size and scope, it would be impossible for us to create a specific price range. If you would like a quote on a specialty wrap project, give us a call and we can discuss pricing right away.

    How long will a specialty wrap last?

    We use the highest quality printing materials and latest technology to ensure that your specialty wrap project lasts as long as you need it to!

    Are specialty wrap projects covered under a warranty of guarantee?

    Absolutely! All of our specialty wrap projects have industry-leading warranties. This is something we’re very proud of!