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Vehicle Wraps for Construction Companies

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    Vinyl wraps are an innovative form of marketing that promotes brand awareness by grabbing the attention of potential clients without being too invasive. Wrapping a vehicle allows it to function as a moving billboard so that you can take your marketing with you wherever you go.

    By wrapping construction equipment, you can promote your brand on any jobsite, as well as mark equipment as yours. Wall wraps for construction companies can also add an air of professionalism and flair to any meeting room, office, or building and they can be used on interiors and exteriors.

    eagle west cranes tuck and trailer wrap

    What are Vinyl Wraps for Construction Companies?

    Vinyl wraps for construction companies are custom-printed, high-quality decals that promote your brand in an attractive and professional fashion. Made from high-grade 3M vinyl, these wraps can be used on just about any vehicle, wall, or piece of equipment.

    Benefits of Vinyl Wraps for Construction Companies

    Custom vinyl wraps can be made to look however the client dictates, which means that you can promote your business through a simple logo and colour scheme or an intricate, engaging design. Unlike billboards, bus benches, and posters, custom wraps are mobile, which increases the amount of people that can be exposed to your advertisement. Rather than paying monthly fees for advertising space, vinyl wraps require only a one-time payment and minimal maintenance.

    stattonrock construction vinyl wrap

    If you are wrapping a vehicle for your construction company, a vinyl wrap acts as a mobile advertisement and also offers protection for your vehicle. 3M vinyl wraps have a UV protective layer that shields the paint and vehicle underneath and keeps the wrap looking brand new. Wrapping any of your heavy equipment will not only increase the level of professionalism that you bring to a jobsite but also create brand recognition for anyone who sees your equipment.

    Wrapping Services for Construction Companies from Wrap Guys

    Wrap Guys wants to ensure that our customers receive unbeatable service and quality, so our 3M vinyl wraps are backed by our personal warranty of guarantee. Our vinyl wraps can be removed or adjusted at any time without damaging the underlying surface, so if your company information changes, you can alter your wrap as well. Our in-house team of designers will help you to come up with a wrap that suits your construction company and perfectly fit whatever you are wrapping.

    To learn more about custom vinyl wraps for construction companies, or to find out about any of our other services, call Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or fill out a contact form on our website.