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SUV Wraps

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    Vinyl Wraps for SUVs

    SUV Wraps Starting at $697!

    Have you always wanted to personalize the exterior look of your SUV? Are you looking for a better way to advertise your business? The expert team of in-house graphic artists from Wrap Guys can help you create custom SUV wraps using any colours, images, or messaging you can dream up. Since all of our vinyl wraps for SUVs are created for each individual customer, you can rest assured that your SUV or crossover vehicle will have the one-of-a-kind look you have always wanted.

    SUV Wraps

    What is an SUV wrap?

    SUV wraps are a type of vinyl decal that can be applied to the entirety of an SUV or only to a portion of it in order to change its colour or to add images, messaging, or branding to the vehicle’s body. All vinyl vehicle wraps can be applied to an SUV and removed at any time without damaging the underlying paint. Over the years, the team from Wrap Guys has had the opportunity to wrap all kinds of SUVs and crossover vehicles including but not limited to:

    • Jeep Grand Cherokee
    • Jeep Liberty
    • Chevrolet Tahoe
    • Ford Explorer
    • Ford Escape
    • BMW X3
    • BMW X6
    • Mazda CX-5
    • Toyota RAV4
    • Toyota Venza
    • Toyota Highlander
    • Honda CR-V
    • Kia Sportage
    • Hyundai Santa Fe

    No matter what you are looking to include in your SUV wrap—images, patterns, messages, colours, etc.—our team of in-house graphic artists can help you create the ideal wrap for your wants and needs. All of our custom vinyl wraps are printed using the latest technology on the highest quality 3M vinyl and Avery cast vinyl products and also come with a special UV protection layer to prevent the wrap from being damaged due to extreme weather and sun damage.

    SUV wraps for businesses

    SUV Wraps for Businesses

    SUV wraps provide businesses with the ideal option for advertising to a wide range of potential customers over an extended period of time without having to pay any recurring fees. Unlike other forms of advertising, vinyl wraps for crossover vehicles allow you to display important company information wherever you go. By working closely with you, our team can help you create the perfect vehicle wrap for drumming up new business in your target areas.

    Personal SUV Wraps

    If you have always wanted to personalize the exterior look of your SUV, having your vehicle wrapped in a one-of-a-kind vinyl decal might be the perfect option for you. All of our sports utility vehicle wraps are designed to suit the wants and needs of each unique customer, so you will never have to worry about your wrap bring used by another driver on the road. Personal SUV wraps can be designed to include any patterns, messaging, images, or colours imaginable and are also available in matte, chrome, and colour-changing finishes.

    Custom SUV Wraps from Wrap Guys

    At Wrap Guys, we work hard to ensure each of our customers receives long-lasting products that they can depend on time and time again. Whether you are wanting to personalize your SUV or you are looking for a better way to advertise your business, we would love to hear your SUV vinyl wrap ideas. Get in touch with the professional in-house graphic artists from Wrap Guys today to learn more about how we can help you design the best vehicle wrap for your SUV or crossover vehicle.