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Vehicle Wraps for Transport Trucks

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    At Wrap Guys, we do vinyl wraps and vinyl vehicle graphics for all types of transport trucks including freight, shipping, trucking, and moving vehicles. Semi-truck wraps for 3PL freight trucking and shipping companies are the ideal way to advertise to thousands of potential clients on a daily basis, in a non-invasive manner.

    Unlike other types of advertising, such as websites, radio ads, and TV commercials, tractor trailer wraps work as moving billboards that can be seen by a wide range of different audiences. All transport truck wraps for freight shipping, moving and trucking purposes can also be custom created to fit the company’s exact branding style and tone.

    freight truck vinyl wrap

    Vinyl vehicle wraps for transport trucks are made from high-quality 3M vinyl and can be used to cover all or some of a semi-truck, moving truck or tractor trailer. This type of vehicle wrap can be completely customized with images, colours, and text to create stronger brand awareness.

    Vinyl Wraps for Freight, Shipping, Moving and Trucking

    Similar to other types of 3M vinyl wraps, freight, shipping, moving and trucking wraps can be used to create better brand recognition than more traditional advertising methods. Since transport trucks commonly travel long distances to deliver shipments, this type of vehicle wrap can also reach a larger audience for a smaller fee, especially for 3PL cargo shipping companies that handle cross-border shipping.

    Vinyl vehicle wraps for transport trucks are specifically designed to stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use on the open road, creating a cost-effective solution for advertising the business for years to come.

    moving truck vinyl wrap

    Transport Truck Graphics from Wrap Guys

    All semi-truck and tractor trailer wraps for freight trucking, moving and shipping companies are made from high-quality 3M vinyl, coated in a special UV protection layer. This type of vehicle wrap can be used to help protect the cargo truck’s underlying paint from extreme weather damage, dings, scratches, and scrapes.

    Since each vinyl wrap design is also custom made to match the overall branding of a company, you will never have to worry about your freight trucks being confused with a competitors’.

    Whether you are looking to create a simple 3M vinyl wrap design or are looking to create something more complex, there is no job too big or too small for our team of in-house designers to handle.

    If you would like to learn more about vinyl vehicle wraps for transport trucks, please contact Wrap Guys by calling 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.