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  • How Durable are Vehicle Wraps?

    The custom vehicle wrap experts from Wrap Guys understand that the overall durability and longevity of a car wrap will depend on the amount of care put into creating and maintaining the wrap. Some of the factors that will determine how durable vehicle wraps are include:

    How durable are vehicle wraps?

    Vinyl Materials for Car Wraps

    One of the most important factors used to determine the durability of a vehicle wrap is the vinyl material that the wrap is created from. Since using the highest quality vinyl products will result in a more durable car wrap, most car wrap companies use Avery cast or 3M vinyl products. Both Avery cast vinyl and 3M vinyl are high-quality products that have been built to withstand the test of time, offering longevity that far exceeds that of other types of vinyl materials.

    Vinyl Car Wrap Care

    Since the amount of care put into a car wrap will determine how durable it remains over the years, properly washing the wrap and storing the vehicle out of the weather when possible can make a huge difference. Taking the time to clean your vehicle wrap on a regular basis can also help protect your vehicle against harmful chemicals, such as the chemicals used in the wintertime to keep roads free from snow and ice.

    When washing your vehicle wrap, it is important to not use any abrasive cleaning products or waxes, as these can damage the wrap’s appearance. For the best results, simply wash the vehicle with soap, water, and a microfibre cloth.

    Car Wrap Patches

    In the event that your car wrap ends up with tiny holes or tears, it is important to have these sections patched as soon as possible. Vehicle wraps that have holes or tears can allow grime and dirt to become trapped under the vinyl, which can cause the wrap to peel and deteriorate. Having grit trapped under the vinyl for months or even years can also wear down the car’s clear coat finish, causing the body to rust.

    Professional Car Wrap Installation

    The overall durability of a vinyl wrap can also depend on something as simple as how the vinyl is installed. Make sure to choose a reputable car wrap company to install the vinyl onto your vehicle, as they will have all of the tools needed to install the wrap perfectly. Car wrap experts will also take the time to ensure that your custom vehicle wrap is designed to properly withstand the elements that it will be exposed to on a daily basis.

    If you would like to learn more about how durable vehicle wraps are, or if you are interested in one of our vehicle wrap services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.