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    Vinyl Wraps for Event Marketing

    One of the fastest growing areas of marketing for businesses of all sizes is event marketing. Events such as tradeshows, conferences, festivals and food shows attract large numbers of consumers with similar demographics and interests. With large numbers of like-minded consumers, businesses can better target key customer demographics when deciding on which type of events […]

    Custom vehicle wraps designed from your photos

    With over 25 years of experience in custom vehicle wrapping, Wrap Guys has completed a variety of incredible vehicle wrap projects involving amazing design concepts. Vehicle wraps that include company branding, logos and contact information are very effective at generating new business leads and increasing brand awareness; however, over the years we have learned that […]

    The Vinyl Wrapping Process

    Have you ever wondered about the Wrap Guys’ vinyl wrapping process? At Wrap Guys, we are so busy custom wrapping vehicles and special projects each day that the vinyl printing process has become somewhat second nature to us. There are several different phases involved in the vinyl wrapping process. The three most important phases are […]

    Wrapping Service Vehicles

    If you’re the owner or operator of a service vehicle, consider the benefits of branding your service vehicle with a customized vinyl vehicle wrap. Wrapping service vehicles is a tremendously effective way to generate leads for your business. It allows business owners to display a listing of their products and services along with all of […]