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  • How to care for a vinyl vehicle wrap in Winter conditions

    With Winter and its extreme weather conditions in full swing, it is important to review a few best practices on how to care for a vinyl car wrap in Winter conditions. Vinyl vehicle wraps are very durable and actually help to protect a vehicle’s underlying paint; however, like paint they are not impervious to damage. In order to protect a vinyl vehicle wrap in Winter, Wrap Guys recommends practicing the following three vinyl vehicle wrap maintenance tips:

    Keep your vinyl vehicle wrap clean

    Wood Electric Vinyl Truck WrapOne of the best ways to care for a vinyl vehicle wrap in Winter conditions is to keep the vehicle clean as much as possible. Wrap Guys recommends hand washing for vinyl vehicle wraps. Power washing is not recommended as it is too hard on the vinyl. Vehicles tend to get fairly dirty during the Winter months and people often avoid cleaning them due to the hassle of going outside in the cold. Depending on the location and the amount of driving, it is best to wash a vinyl vehicle wrap at least once every two weeks. Wait for a sunny day with warmer temperatures so that washing the vehicle is not as burdensome.

    Avoid using a scraper on your vinyl vehicle wrap

    During extreme weather conditions when snow and ice can quickly accumulate on a vehicle overnight, we often revert to the common practice of digging out our old ice scraper from the garage and chiseling away on our vehicles. While this might be acceptable on paint, it is not recommended for vinyl wrapped vehicles. Wrap Guys strongly suggests avoiding the use of a scraper on vinyl vehicle wraps. Using a soft brush on the rear defroster or windows will not cause damage; however, chiseling away with a scraper may scratch the vinyl. Instead of using a scraper, use a soft brush or cloth to clean your car.

    Clean off any salt from your vehicle and its vinyl wrap

    We are all aware of how damaging salt can be to our vehicles steel and undercarriage. Unfortunately, salt is necessary to keep our road conditions safe during heavy snowfall in the Winter season. The vinyl material used on our vinyl vehicle wraps is capable of withstanding some salt; however, its corrosiveness can result in serious damage if left on for long periods of time. Washing a vehicle at least once very two weeks can help prevent the buildup of salt and keep your vehicle’s vinyl wrap free of damage.

    If you would like to learn more about how to care for a vinyl car wrap in Winter conditions or have any questions about our list of tips, please contact the vinyl vehicle wrap experts at Wrap Guys today. You can request a free quote by filling out a form on our website or give us a call at 604-996-6389. Stay up-to-date with the latest in vehicle wrap news by following Wrap Guys on Instagram and Facebook.