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  • The Writing Is On The Wall: Building And Wall Wraps

    We live in a world of clutter with advertisements everywhere! Getting your business’ message out there can be difficult. You have to cut through all the noise just to get your customer’s attention. The best way to get your business noticed is to be unique and creative… and that’s where custom vinyl building wraps and vinyl wall wraps come in!

    Retail Marketing & Interior Design

    Building wraps can be used in any number of situations, but they truly shine when used in the right setting. We have wrapped business office walls and even dance floors. Our cut vinyl wall graphics can display your businesses logo larger and more vivid than a magazine or newspaper ad ever could. Even if it is only a temporary wall wrap, the vinyl can be removed easily without damage. This allows you to create awesome wraps to display your company’s logo or a sponsor’s logo at a special event or even change a space for a season.

    Create An Atmosphere

    The shear size of a vinyl building or wall wrap allows you to truly command a space. You can create an atmosphere of comfort, fun, or excitement. If you are an outdoor equipment centre, why not display the true outdoors in high quality on your business interior walls. Cultivate your customer’s true emotions and place them in a position where they can connect with the products in their hands.

    Boardroom Wall WrapTake a look at our boardroom wrap. This wall wrap allowed our customer to take an everyday office and change the entire feeling of every meeting had there. It is now an open landscape looking over Vancouver.

    The Customization is Yours

    When we said that the wrap was loud and vivid, we meant it. Our vinyl wall wraps are full colour and produced in our high quality printer. Our materials are also UV resistant so we can protect against the sun without worry of colour fading. The limit to a wrap is your own imagination.

    Don’t let your adverting go unnoticed. If you want your business to break out, you need to break the mould. If you are interested in our building and wall wraps or any of our other vinyl wrap services, contact us or request a quote. We would love to help your business thrive!