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    You may have heard that our vinyl wraps have a “crazy good design”, and its true. Although wraps are often used for various marketing purposes, they can also be used for decoration. Adding “flair” to your vehicle or home can be simple with a decorative vinyl wrap.

    Decorative Car Wraps

    dodge-custom-graphicIn previous posts we have talked about changing the colour of your vehicle with a vinyl wrap, however much more can be done with vinyl. The finish on a vehicle can be changed to take on a matte appearance, or a textured look like carbon fibre. Perhaps you would like to make the overall look of your vehicle much more interesting by adding a fake graffiti design to the exterior. The options are as endless as your imagination. The best part about a vehicle wrap is that you can remove the wrap without damaging the vehicle when you are looking to update the style again.

    Room Decoration

    We love to change the look of rooms with vinyl wraps. One example of a previous wrap we have done is adding a brick pattern to the walls to a room in a condominium. To the untrained eye the bricks look real and adds character to the entire unit. You can also add wood texture, or even wall murals. If you have a painting or image you want to blow up and put on a featured wall, a vinyl wrap is the perfect way to do that. Rather than painting it on a wrap can provide the same vivid quality. Don’t worry about painting over the mural in the future, just simple remove the vinyl and you have the old wall colour back.

    Unleash your creativity with a vinyl wrap. If you can dream it, we can wrap it. Contact us at 604-996-6389 and let us know what kind of ideas you have. We can provide you with a free quote and walk you through the steps to get your wrap installed.