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    Name recognition and building brand identity is important for the success of a franchise. Imagine the possibilities with a fleet of quality branded wrapped vehicles out there as 24/7 moving billboards and the thousands of visual impressions per day your franchise will receive. The experts at Wrap Guys have years of experience in this relatively new and ever improving marketing medium. Whether you are looking to wrap a fleet of transport trucks or a fleet of cube vans, we can help. Let us prepare your franchise brand for growth!

    Consistent Branding Across the Country

    Comfort Inn Vinyl WrapWith a vinyl wrap for your vehicles you are able to generate a cohesive message across all markets. Whether your franchisees are 10 kilometres apart or 1000, we can provide you with a design that is consistent among all vehicles. After going through our design process, we can help generate a template that can be ready for printing and shipping to your franchisees all over the country. While the wrap will need to be adjusted slightly based on the vehicle, this will help you hit the ground running and quickly create an advertising medium that earns thousands of impressions easily.

    Benefits of a Vinyl Wrap

    A vinyl wrap also has other great advantages:

    • Exposure – Generate awareness and capture the attention of your market! With thousands of lasting visual impressions per day.
    • Unique Tactic – Wrapped vehicles are becoming the hottest and most highly effective method of business promotion. Stand out above your competition with a fleet of slick looking, artistic, moving pieces of graphic art!
    • Consistent Message – It’s a three-fold message. The purpose of marketing is to bring in more leads and generate business. Your marketing goals within that will include a valuable and consistent message about your business. Displaying that message with a fleet of vinyl wrapped vehicles will make a lasting impression.
    • High Quality – Low Cost – As we touched on in the article Vinyl wrap effectiveness: Cost per thousand impressions , wrapped vehicles offer a highly effective form of outdoor advertising with a great cost! With unbelievable pricing offered to get you started, your franchise will greatly benefit.

    We’re confident your franchise will stand out with wrapped vehicles. Let our experts at Wrap Guys show you how. We would love to discuss the future potential for your franchise, call us today at 604-996-6389 or request for a free quote.