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  • Wrapping Leased Vehicles

    Many businesses often choose leasing vehicles over purchasing. There are a number of benefits to this decision including a tax write off and the pleasure of having brand new vehicles for employees of the company.

    Sometimes people are hesitant to wrap their leased vehicles because they don’t want to damage the paint job and void their lease contract. Fortunately with our wrapping experience and high-quality 3M materials, our vinyl and adhesive will not damage paint when installed or removed for the surface of the vehicle.

    Easy Vinyl Installation & Removal

    With our many years of wrapping experience, and by using only the best 3M materials, our wraps go on and come off like a charm. No paint will be chipped, stripped, or damaged in the process.  Not only that, but our wraps are warrantied for up to 7 years. This means that your wrap will cover the vehicle for its entire lease period.

    Get the Design You Want

    Whatever your vehicle colour is, you can make it your own. We can wrap any type of vehicle on the market including but not limited to cars, trucks, minivans, jeeps and SUVs. Take your company’s brand and cover the vehicle. You can make your entire leased fleet into a cohesive brand that will catch attention and build awareness wherever you go. If one of your leases expires, simply have the wrap removed and wrap the new vehicle.


    One benefit that is often overlooked is the protective quality of the wrap. The wrap will protect the OEM paint of the vehicle so it looks the same the day it drove off the dealer’s lot. Learn more about our tough and durable vinyl wrapping material.

    If you are interested in wrapping your leased vehicles call us at 604-996-6389 or request a quote today! Wrap Guys will help your new vehicles shine on the road wherever they go.