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    In the past, we have talked about wrapping your vehicle for aestheticsVinyl wrapping is a cost effective way to redesign your vehicle exterior without permanently altering the body or paint.

    Our vinyl wraps also include a specific finish. The vinyl finish is a simple way to change the look of your vehicle and there are many options for this type of finish.

    When choosing the type of vinyl wrap finish and laminate, it is important to consider the type of vehicle being wrapped. For example, the finish for a car wrap or truck wrap may differ than the finish for a motorcycle wrap or ATV wrap.

    Gloss Vinyl Wrap

    A glossy vinyl wrap provides a shimmering shine and reflective finish for your vehicle. Most new paint jobs on vehicles offer this vivid reflection that makes the vehicle appear pristine and new. A glossy vinyl wrap can provide this same look to any vehicle regardless of the age.

    Matte Vinyl Wrap

    Nissan GTR Full Vinyl WrapMatte vinyl wrap finishes have become quite popular. This type of finish eliminates the reflective look of a paint job and provides a flat, solid distinctive look. This is an ideal option to emphasize the contours and angles on your vehicle. The matte vinyl finish truly shows off the vehicles body shape.

    Carbon Fibre Wrap

    We have completed a number of carbon fibre warps over the last few years. This wrap gives the illusion that the vehicle parts are made of carbon fibre. Carbon fibre is a material most often seen in super cars, however you don’t need to rebuild your vehicles hood in carbon fibre to get the same effect. The wrap can be used not only for the exterior, but the interior accents as well can be wrapped to provide a cool, luxurious appearance.

    Clear Vinyl Wrap

    Clear finish wraps are unique in that they provide protection for the vehicles existing color and paint job. A clear wrap is exactly as it sounds, it is applied virtually invisible and protects the vehicle paint job and body. The wrap can protect against minor dings and scratches. After a few years, the wrap can be removed and the body paint will look the same as the day the wrap was applied.

    Vinyl Wrap Lamination

    Vinyl wraps come complete with a lamination. The lamination on the wrap protects the colours below from UV light and abrasion. Over the years UV light can wear out the colours of the wrap and it will begin to look washed out. The laminate also protects from build up of water on vehicle’s exterior which can deteriorate the wrap and paint.

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