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    Our vinyl wraps have one major purpose – to attract attention. The main way our wrap are utilized are on company vehicles. The wraps turn heads and create awareness for businesses. A vinyl wrap can be used also on business storefronts like a custom window decal or building wrap. In the same way that a wrap on a vehicle turns heads, it can also draw attention to your business and bring people through the door.

    Attractive Storefront

    If you have a location where there is a lot of traffic passing by (foot or vehicle), you cannot afford to blend in with the other stores around. There are likely products displayed in your window and a wrap can compliment this perfectly. With vivid colours and designs, a vinyl window wrap can make your business stand out from the rest.

    Custom Wrap Design

    The wrap can be designed to match your brand or even the products you are displaying in the window. If you have a furniture store with a couch displayed in the window, you could add large text above about a “Great Sale” with an arrow pointing dto the beautiful couch. When you meet with our team we will work with the dimensions of the window and your brand assets to create a wrap married with the business and the purpose. Wraps come in different finishes, textures, and colours. We can even work in some cool translucency for a cool window design.

    Easily Installed and Removed

    We always mention that our wraps are professionally installed and can easily be removed without damage. This is especially important to windows as the storefront can change quickly and frequently. If your sale is changing from Winter to Spring and you are looking for a new wrap – no problem. You could quickly change from snowflakes and cold blues on your window wrap to warmer spring colours for that March sale. Window wraps are a great way to advertise sales happening at the location, and can be quickly changed for the next sale.

    If you are interested in how a vinyl window wrap can help your business or if you have some ideas of your own, contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or request a free quote online. Check out our showcase for some of the amazing things we have done for other clients.