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  • Why Translink Trusts Wrap Guys

    Wrap Guys is proud of all the wraps that we do, whether it is a partial vehicle wrap for a small business or a large vehicle wrap for public transit. We put the same level of detail and dedication into each project no matter how big or small. Sometimes we like to talk about some of our past work we have produced for great clients. In this case, Translink was searching for quality wraps on a tight schedule, and Wrap Guys was exactly what they were looking for.

    Fitting Their Needs

    Translink was in the process of updating their branding on many different trains in their fleet. Whether the existing ones were out of date, damaged, or had graffiti on them – it was time for an update. They searched for a company that could provide seamless wraps on a tight timeline. The cost of having a train down is immense! And a horrible looking wrap reflects poorly on their brand. After doing one wrap with Wrap Guys, they knew they found what they were looking for and the project grew and included more than just trains.

    Quality of Wrapping

    Quality was extremely important to Translink. With a brand as notable as Translink in Lower Mainland, poorly produced wraps can devalue the brand. They are seen at every stop by thousands of people and leave a lasting impression. After testing several wrap companies, they were not receiving the degree of quality the brand deserved. Wraps would be left with visible seams, edges did not line up, corners were peeling, and bubbles were forming under the wrap.

    Skytrain Vinyl Wrap

    Wrap Guys’ carefully attention to detail allows us to avoid all these common pitfalls when wrapping. We wrap so carefully and tightly that the wrap appears as if it was painted on – exactly what Translink was looking for.

    Speed & Reduced Downtime

    As part of their previous wrapping experiences, a train wrap was taking 16 hours for one wrap. Even after this time the wrap was not perfect. It is estimated that an hour of downtime for one train costs  $16,000. When Wrap Guys came into the picture, we were able to wrap two trains in three hours! This saved Translink thousands of dollars in lost operating costs.

    Not only are we able to provide the highest quality wraps, but also we are able to do it under tight timelines and this has been proven over and over again. Our work with Translink started with trains, but has now moved to bus wraps as well. We are proud of relationships that we have built with clients like Translink. To get started with Wrap Guys as well request a quote and see what we can do for you.