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  • What is a Partial Vinyl Vehicle Wrap?

    With the diversity of vinyl vehicle wraps that we put on the road we get this question a lot. Since there are so many different types of vehicles, and advertising needs vary from business to business, people commonly ask what exactly a partial wrap is. In this article we have put together an overview of what we can do with a partial wrap and we help you determine if a partial vinyl vehicle wrap is right for your business.

    Partial Wrap Coverage

    Hunky Haulers Partial WrapA partial vinyl vehicle wrap can be anything from custom car decals to almost a fully wrapped vehicle where you can hardly tell what the original color of the vehicle was. Depending on your budget, vehicle, and business needs, partial wraps can be designed and produced to come in any shape and size.

    In some cases all you need is a decal on the vehicle or fleet of vehicles. We will work with you to design the best most eye-catching decals. This is great for staying within a strict budget but also getting your brand name out there for exposure. Sometimes the shape of the vehicle may not work well with partial coverage so we will advise to use decals instead.

    Kingston Partial WrapPartial vinyl vehicle wraps also include vehicles that are almost fully covered. In this case you don’t require a full wrap and are looking to stay within a budget. Depending on the vehicle colour, you may not be looking to cover it completely as the base color complements the wrap well. Using the existing paint colour some great partial wrap designs can be created. It’s all about being creative and thinking outside of the box to make heads turn.

    The Finished Product

    At Wrap Guys, we can wrap cars, trucks, boats, airplanes, pretty much anything! With our high quality printing and vinyl stickers we can create a design and wrap for most applications. The more unique the better. Whether you are looking for some door decals or a 75% wrap, the quality is the same. After being the vehicle wrap industry for almost a decade, we know how to produce a wrap that gets noticed.

    Get Started On Your Wrap

    Vinyl wraps are moving billboards that can draw attention, build a brand, and start generating leads. All this can be accomplished with our partial vinyl wraps. Our partial wraps start from $495 and go up depending on coverage amount and vehicle size. We will work with you to create something creative that gets your brand out there.

    If you are interested in a wrap of any size but don’t know where to start, request a free quote and we will help you get moving!