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  • What should go on a car wrap?

    When you have a business and you are looking to grow, advertising allows you to bring new prospective clients and customers through the door. The trick with advertising is you need to perk the customer’s interest and drive them toward an action. Vehicle wraps are one of the most cost effective ways to start your company’s advertising efforts, but how exactly should you wrap your car to start the phone ringing?

    A clear sense of the business’ offerings

    If you watch an entire advertisement on television and get to the end without understanding what is being sold, it wasn’t a very effective ad. Your wrap is sure to turn heads, so you want to have a message on it to convey the service you are offering.

    Cube2Go Vinyl Van WrapTake this Cube2Go wrap for example. The wrap offers in large print “Personal Storage Valet”. Any reader that sees this and is in need of personal storage will be interested to further review the vehicle. A line of text below specifically discussing the service then supports the main service heading. What happens here is the viewer’s attention is first captivated and then they are educated.

    Your business’ logo

    This is essential to building your brand and generating new customers. Now that viewers of your wrap have learned what you are offering, they need to know who you are. Displaying your logo large enough to be legible at quick glance creates significant brand awareness and recollection throughout your coverage area.

    When people see the Cube2Go van, they will now recall that if storage is needed, Cube2Go is offering it. Whether it is today, tomorrow, or in a month, the wrap has begun to solidify the offering to potential customers.

    The contact Information

    If the viewers of your wrap are ready to call now, you definitely need to have your contact information on the wrap. For electricians or plumbers, your wrap could trigger a reminder that the service is needed, and they will want a big number to call now to get the assistance they require. Alternatively, if you a customer still wants to learn more about what is included in Cube2Go’s services, they have a web address that they can now visit to learn more.

    A vehicle wrap is an effective advertisement that can hit users in the midst of their needs, or plant the seed or awareness before it has begun. If you are traveling around your target service area with no wrap on your vehicle, or even just a simple decal, you are missing out on advertising to thousands. Call Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or request a free quote to learn how to take your advertising to the next level.