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    Full Smart Car WrapOne question we get from our customers when they are ready to wrap is: what should I put on my vehicle wrap? Finding the right balance between too much design and too little design can be difficult; this can reduce its effectiveness or even turn potential customers off. Here are a few basics we recommend to put on your vehicle wrap.


    This is a big one. Your business is often tied to a logo. One look at your businesses logo and there should be a mental connection to your business and its offerings. A wrap can be the start of that recognition or another step in the process to further their awareness. We will take your business logo and place it visibly on the vehicle for quick and easy recognition.

    Quick Information

    Sometimes a logo is not enough to convey exactly what your business does. You need to give the viewer fast, efficient information to educate them about your business. This can be done through the design and integration of imagery. For example, our client Kingston Floors requested a vehicle wrap; we used images of hardwood floors throughout the design. You can add a short tag line or service list to make the wrap more effective. If your content is short people will have time to read it and get an instant understanding. The text and image connects with the logo to create an understanding of your business – another signal in the viewers’ heads. Our high quality vinyl prints will help you do just that.

    Contact Information

    Imagine that your business is exactly what somebody is looking for, but they don’t know how to get to you. Having your website name and especially your phone number on the side of the vehicle gives the viewer an opportunity to act. If your company vehicle is parked in a parking lot getting many glances, don’t pass up the chance to have them pick up the phone and contact you.

    Everybody has a different reason for wrapping. It could be about brand awareness, a sale, or an event. We will work with you to make sure that your goals are clear and can be achieved through the wrap. If you have more questions about our wrapping process, contact us at 604-996-6389 or get a free quote today!