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  • What is the Tesla Model X?

    When it comes to all-electric vehicles, they are not known for their cargo room and passenger space. While most options on the market are compact and small, the Tesla Model X is one of the only options that provides the space and capabilities of a full-size SUV. As providers of high-quality Tesla wraps for personal use and business advertising, the team at Wrap Guys is highly experienced with the entire Tesla vehicle lineup. That is why our team has provided some information on what the Tesla Model X is to help potential buyers learn more about it. Regardless of the vehicle you choose, you can trust the team at Wrap Guys to provide a custom wrap that is tailored to your precise requests.

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    Core Features of the Tesla Model X

    The Tesla Model X is a unique vehicle in the Tesla lineup that offers the following features and benefits:

    The Full Capabilities of an SUV

    The Tesla Model X is ideal for outdoor adventures and large family trips. With seating for 7 adults and the most storage capacity of any electric SUV, the Model X delivers incredible utility in a sleek and modern design. The front doors open and close automatically, while patented “Falcon Wing” rear doors allow for easier loading/unloading than conventional doors.

    Leading Range and Charging Speeds

    With a maximum range of 580km on a single charge, the Tesla Model X features the largest range of any all-electric SUV on the market. With the ability to restore up to 282km of range in 15 minutes via “supercharging”, you can safely drive to any destination without worry.

    Smart Technology in Every Detail

    From the steering wheel and 17” touch screen to the back-row screen and 22-speaker audio system, no detail of the cabin has been overlooked. The result is an industry-leading cabin that provides optimal comfort and convenience. In addition to the cabin, every Model X offers “autopilot” functionality for self driving, and automatic parking. Each vehicle can also be automatically updated with over-the-air software updates, allowing for consistent improvements.

    Incredible Safety

    Every Model X is built from start to finish with high-strength architecture and a floor-mounted battery pack for incredible protection and minimal rollover risk. Each unit also features every Tesla active safety feature—such as automatic braking—at no extra cost, resulting in one of the safest all-electric vehicles on the market.

    To learn more about the personal and business wraps we provide for the Tesla Model X, get in touch with the Wrap Guys team today. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to help you design your perfect wrap.