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  • Weather vs. Vinyl Wraps

    Whether you’re on the west coast of British Columbia or on the east coast of Newfoundland, you will experience bad weather. Hail, rain, and snow can cover the streets and cause havoc with cars. If you have considered the idea of wrapping your vehicle but are not sure how it will hold up to the weather in your city – don’t worry. Our high quality vinyl wraps were made to stand up against all kinds of weather.

    Wind & Rain Protection

    Thunder Events Full Truck WrapEver escalating wind and rain that we all experience from fall to spring. Often people will get nervous because they believe their vinyl wrap will start to lose its color and vibrancy from the rain, or start to peel off because of the combination of wind and rain. There is great news, with a tight installation process; Wrap Guys ensures that the wrap is completely adhered to the surface of the vehicle or building. Once it is connected to the surface it can be very difficult to remove (unless you follow the proper procedures). This means no matter how strong that wind is, or if the hail is beating down, you can continue on with your business.

    Sun Protection

    One type of weather that we don’t often complain about is the hot summer sun. It’s often thought that the hot sun will beat down on the car, truck, or building and ruin the color of the graphic wrap. Wrap Guys uses the highest quality 3M vinyl which is finished with a UV coating. This coating is designed to repel UV rays and protect the color of the wrap. This means the wrap will stay looking great from the day it’s installed to the day it’s removed.

    If you are interested in wrapping your vehicle or building and have questions about the durability of the wrap, contact us at 604-996-6389. We have installation bays all over Canada, so we wrap your vehicle anywhere you are.