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  • Vivid Wrap Colours with Vinyl

    One of the major benefits of wrapping with vinyl is the vivid colours that can be produced. Because of the quality of vinyl used and our state of the art printing process, we have access to a massive colour palate which will allow us to print exactly what we want.

    Quality Vinyl Wraps

    A common concern is that the colours that are shown on a computer screen will not show up on the finished wrap result. It is believed that the printed wrap will be washed out, or that the colours may bleed or shift to a different colour. Wrap Guys has been  wrapping vehicles with many years of experience to understand what is expected of the final product. When we print one of our wraps, we make sure that it looks the same as what was originally designed. Nobody wants to pay for something they were shown only to receive something completely different!

    If you check out our showcase of vinyl wraps, you will see a wide range of colours and designs. Our wraps are printed carefully and intricately so that any design is possible. If you are interested in a wrap for your vehicle, office, exotic sports car or just about anything your can imagine, contact our wrap experts at 604-996-6389 and we can show you what a wrap can really do.