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  • Vinyl Wraps for Event Marketing

    One of the fastest growing areas of marketing for businesses of all sizes is event marketing. Events such as tradeshows, conferences, festivals and food shows attract large numbers of consumers with similar demographics and interests.

    With large numbers of like-minded consumers, businesses can better target key customer demographics when deciding on which type of events will yield the best results. Wrap Guys has helped many businesses successfully use vinyl wraps for event marketing applications in order to generate buzz, brand awareness and brand recognition. Learn more about the many different applications of vinyl wraps for event marketing below:

    Vinyl wraps for conferences and tradeshows

    Wrap Guys vinyl wraps for event marketing Conferences and tradeshows are similar in the sense that they are often themed in order to attract a lot of the same people with related interests. Vinyl wraps can be used in a variety of different conference and tradeshow applications. Vinyl vehicle wraps can be used as a promotional tool to display brand messaging throughout conferences. A vinyl-wrapped vehicle with company employees handing out free stuff is a great way to create serious buzz at conferences and tradeshows. Notably, vinyl wraps do not necessarily have to be applied to vehicles in order to have a big effect at tradeshows and conferences. Wrap Guys specializes in wall wraps which can be used for tradeshow booth backdrops and promotional signage. A well-designed vinyl wall wrap can help transform any tradeshow booth or area into a unique retail space.

    Vinyl vehicle wraps for festivals and concerts

    Similar to event marketing at conferences and tradeshows, vinyl wraps can help generate a lot of buzz at festivals and concerts. Vinyl wraps can be installed on cars, exotic sports cars and buses that are either on display or driving around at these events. Local radio stations, restaurants and beverage companies often combine a vinyl vehicle wrap with the distribution of branded swag in order to cumulate attention.

    Vinyl wraps for food trucks

    Vinyl food truck wraps are one of the most effective means for food trucks to differentiate themselves from competition. Whether it is at food truck festival, concert or sporting event, it is important for food trucks to stand out. A custom vinyl vehicle wrap for food trucks is important for creating the initial brand awareness as well as establishing ongoing brand recognition and repeat business.

    For more about event marketing on wheels with custom vinyl vehicle wraps, please contact the experts Wrap Guys. With over 25 years of vehicle wrapping experience, we have the tools to get your message across at your next event. Call us at 604-996-6389 or fill out a form on our website for a free quote. Stay up-to-date with the latest in vehicle wrap news by following Wrap Guys on Instagram and Facebook.