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  • Vinyl wrap effectiveness: Cost per thousand impressions

    Advertising outdoors can get your business thousands of impressions. From bus-side ads, bus stops, and billboards – these mediums provide a high number of impressions daily. While each method has its merits, a vinyl wraps offers the same effectiveness at a great cost.

    Impressions from wraps

    Full Vinyl Wrapped JeepTo determine whether a vinyl wrap is a good investment, we need to figure out the numbers. Based on a study completed by 3M Vinyl, the cost per thousand impressions (CPM) for a wrap was only $0.48! This means that over the lifetime of your wrap you are paying 48 cents to show your wrap to one thousand people. Talk about effective! Other advertising efforts such as newspapers came in at $21.46 for a thousand impressions, and television at $23.70 for a thousand impressions.

    While these numbers may have changed slightly, we have found that wrap remain an effective and budget friendly way to advertise a business. This does not mean that you should shed all your other methods of advertising. It is important to have a well-rounded marketing mix so that you are reaching your customers where it matters most. But the benefit of a vehicle wrap has shown itself to be huge!

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