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    Vehicle Wrap Installation

    At Wrap Guys we complete tons of vinyl vehicle wraps every month. Our wrapping experience has allowed us to perfect our process and work with different customer needs. The process starts with design, moves to printing, and ends with installation. Here is a little bit of an insight into what you can expect for our wrapping process.

    Custom Wrap Design

    We start by looking at the vehicle you would like to wrap and how much coverage you are looking for. Some vehicles are relatively simple but others have unique shapes and edges we need to work around or work with. Our designers will then begin mocking up the design to reflect your company’s brand and message. We will create a concept and show you what the wrap will look like on your vehicle so you know what to expect and avoid surprises.

    Vinyl Wrap Printing and Lamination

    After the designs have been approved we can start to print the vinyl wrap. Our designs are printed on 3M ControlTac or Avery wrap cast vinyl with latex ink. We then laminate the print to preserve the colours and design. We have state of the art printing systems and carefully selected the material we print on so that it can stand the test of time and the elements that it will be facing.

    Vinyl Wrap Installation

    Once the wrap has been printed we can bring in the vehicle to complete the installation. Our installation technicians carefully remove the wrap from the adhesive back and begin placement on the vehicle. We take careful measurements so that the wrap is placed in the right position so it matches the mockups. We carefully place the wrap on the vehicle gradually smoothing the finish to prevent any bubbles. Once the wrap is installed we let it set to the vehicle. Our wraps do no damage OEM paint jobs and can be removed when you are ready for a new wrap.

    As you can see our process is careful and meticulous. We break down the process so we can involve you to bring you exactly what you are looking for. And getting started is easy; just fill out a free quote today! Getting your brand out there has never been so easy.