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  • Vehicle Wrap Feature: Kingston Floors

    A few weeks ago we talked about custom designed vehicle wraps and the impact that they have on a business. This week we’re going to dig deeper into custom wraps and brand continuity with you by focusing on a custom wrap we did for a customer a few months ago: Kingston Floors.

    Who is Kingston Floors?

    Kingston Floors is offers high quality flooring solutions for residential and commercial entities. They offer hardwood, carpet, laminate, vinyl and tile sales and installation. They have a long-standing history of operations since 1998, and are a well-known and established brand in the Fraser Valley.

    What was the job?

    Kingston Partial WrapTo increase their brand exposure and awareness they went with a vehicle wrap, and their chosen canvas was a red Toyota Prius. To carry over the brand elements, the logo and colors were dissected so that nothing was lost and the message was clear. The Kingston Floors tree is a recognizable element so it was placed on the side and back to stand tall and noticeable. A hardwood flooring image was then wrapped around the side and back of the car to properly portrait the business and its offerings. The logo was placed on the side doors and the bumper. The product offerings and website name were wrapped on a rear view window so those following the car were instantly directed to a place where they could start connecting with Kingston Floors.

    Wraps like this have helped our clients build their brand awareness and generate interest and tangible leads. If you have a vehicle that you would like wrapped with the goal of bringing your brand to life contact us at 604-996-6389 or get a quote.