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    Tuxedo Carpet Full WrapWhat draws a consumer’s attention to a business and what keeps their attention? There are many things that can do this, but an important one is the level of business professionalism. By displaying your company’s professionalism, it shows your customers that we are credible and the right choice. A great way to do this is through vehicle fleet wraps. Fleet wraps are a great marketing tool for many different types of companies including construction companies.


    If your company has grown to the point where you have multiple vehicles, it might be time to bring it all together. You likely in the process of establishing your brand through business cards, a website, or advertisements. By wrapping your vehicles with the same brand it shows a level of professionalism. It shows the dedication of the company and helps customers to easily identify your company. This is true for tow trucks, plumbers, electricians, and many other professions. You may want your employees to wear a uniform that shows they are part of the company, so why wouldn’t you do the same with your vehicle.

    Brand Consistency

    With consistency across marketing materials, wardrobe, and vehicle wraps, you can build solid brand consistency. When a customer has a positive experience with your brand, it is then connected with all your other materials. A simple online advertisement that they see once can be brought to the top of their mind when they see your vehicle driving past. It allows you to connect all your messages into one and be much louder than one or two mixed messages that can get lost in the noise.

    And of course… Awareness!

    You could have guessed this one. When you wrap, you get noticed. When you are building your customer base you will find that more and more people are recognizing you because your wrap is being noticed. This allows you to start off a few steps ahead of the competition.

    At Wrap Guys we have wrapped hundreds of vehicles and helped our clients get their message out to the market. We can help bring your brand onto vinyl and bring consistency and professionalism across all your company vehicles. Establish your brand today with a vinyl wrap for your car, truck, your name it! Contact us today at 604-996-6389.