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  • Tough & Durable Material

    BW Insurance Full WrapGetting your vehicle wrapped is a unique way to build brand awareness and protect it for years to come. From our 3M vinyl wrapping materials to installation process, our wraps provide protection from the weather and time!

    Added Durability

    To make your wrap last as long as possible, we use only the highest quality 3M material. When applying the wrap we always use the strictest methods of special cleaning and techniques to ensure that the wrap is placed correctly and to enhance durability. The material is then laminated protecting it from UV damage and making it water resistant. The wrap protects OEM paint and clear coat. When you remove the wrap years later the paint will not have changed at all. The material also protects your car from minor scratches and weather.

    As you can see our wraps are not just an aesthetic addition to your vehicle, but also add protection and durability to it. And you can expect a wrap to last up to 9 years!

    Warranty & Custom Service

    We are so confident in the quality of our wraps that we offer a warranty for 7 years. Customer service is our top priority so we want to address any questions or concerns you have about your new wrap.

    From installation to warranty, we are confident with the wraps that we are installing on vehicles everyday. If you are interested in one of our wraps or have any questions contact us at 604-996-6389.