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  • Top 10 Reasons to Wrap Your Vehicle

    There are countless reasons to custom wrap a vehicle. At Wrap Guys, we install full vehicle wraps and partial vehicle wraps that help make vehicle advertising easy for businesses of all sizes. With over 25 years of vehicle wrapping experience, we are experts in the design, printing and installation of vehicle wraps. If you’re considering a custom wrap for your vehicle but need a little help rationalizing it, check out our list of the top 10 reasons to wrap your vehicle:

    1. Nothing grabs people’s attention like a custom wrapped vehicle

    Top 10 Reasons to Wrap Your VehicleCustom wrapped vehicles get a lot of attention and rightfully so. We are so accustomed to driving by similar looking vehicles each day that their colour, make and model are easily forgettable. A custom wrapped vehicle always stands out and gets people’s attention whether it is parked or cruising by.

    2. Vehicle wraps can be fully customized

    Your business vehicle should be unique so that it can stand out from the competition. Vehicle wraps can be fully customized to include any colours, logos, messaging and photography. Nowadays, there are plenty of cool vinyl finishes available with vehicle wraps to help your vehicle stand out even more, including chrome finishes and matte finishes. Wrap Guys can help ensure your company vehicle is one-of-a-king.

    3. Vehicle wraps generate thousands of daily impressions for businesses

    Unlike static advertising techniques such as billboards, bus stops and magazines, a custom vehicle wrap has the benefit of mobility. A custom wrapped vehicle has the potential to generate thousands of daily impressions just by driving around for a few hours each day.

    4. A vehicle wrap can help drive brand recognition and brand recall

    Vehicle wraps can be customized to include brand colours, logos and personalized messaging. These all help to drive brand awareness, recognition and recall among target consumers.

    5. A vehicle wrap can show potential customers what your product/service looks like

    Many businesses choose to incorporate product images and photography into the design of a vehicle wrap. At Wrap Guys, we find this to be a very effective marketing tool that allows customers to completely visualize the product. Product photography works especially well for vinyl vehicle wraps that advertise food and beverage products such as vehicle wraps for food trucks.

    6. It’s easy to make changes and updates to a vehicle wrap

    Top 10 Reasons to Wrap Your VehicleRemoving a vehicle wrap or replacing some of the details on the wrap is a fairly simple process. If your business decides to update its contact information, these updates can easily be applied to the original wrap. Graphics, logos and phone numbers can all be changed, reprinted and re-installed as overlays on the original car wrap.

    7. Vehicle wraps are durable

    Simply put, vehicle wraps often outlast the duration of the vehicle itself. At Wrap Guys, our vehicle wraps last 9 years or longer.

    8. There are no ongoing, variable marketing costs with vehicle wrap advertising

    Companies usually have to incur ongoing, variable marketing costs with traditional advertising techniques such as billboards, online advertising and print. With vehicle wrap advertising, there are no ongoing, variable marketing costs. Wrapping a company car is a one-time fee.

    9. Vehicle wraps are printed with high-quality materials and ink

    Wrap guys prints on high-quality 3M ControlTac or Avery wrap cast vinyl with latex inc. These materials along with our state of the art ink systems allow for the best colour schemes and highest resolution in the industry.

    10. A vehicle wrap helps to protect your vehicle’s underlying paint

    Vehicle wraps actually help to protect and preserve a car’s OEM paint. There is absolutely no damage from installing or removing a custom vehicle wrap.

    To learn more about custom vinyl vehicle wraps, please contact us at 604-996-6389 or fill out a form on our website for a free quote. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and updates in the world of vehicle wrapping. At Wrap Guys, we have over 25 years of vehicle wrapping experience. Let our team of trained professionals help get your vehicle the attention it deserves.