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  • Tips for Successfully Advertising with a Vehicle

    Unlike traditional forms of advertising—billboard ads, TV and radio commercials, printouts, etc.—vehicle wrap advertising allows businesses to advertise their brand wherever the vehicle goes without having to pay any recurring monthly fees. At Wrap Guys, we know that advertising with a vinyl car wrap can be extremely beneficial for businesses, but only if the wrap is designed well. That is why we have put together some simple tips for successfully advertising with a vehicle.

    Learn more about the benefits of using a vehicle wrap to advertise your business.

    Tips for successfully advertising with a vehicle

    1. Put the Company Brand at the Forefront

    A great vehicle wrap advertisement will be designed to put the business’ brand front and centre so that it can be easily recognized by potential customers both on and off the road. When having a vehicle wrap designed for your business, make sure to incorporate the brand name, colours, tagline, contact information, and mascot.

    2. Create an Easy to Read & Recognize Design

    One of the most important things to take into consideration when designing a car wrap advertisement is the font that will be used. Make sure that the font chosen is easy to read and that all important information is large enough that it can be read from a distance. The font colours and where it is placed in the overall design are also important considerations. Try not to use more than two or three coordinating colours to ensure a cohesive design.

    3. Use Attention-Grabbing Elements

    Adding in certain elements, such as large images, textures, or vibrant colours, can be a great way to create a vehicle wrap advertisement that will stand out on the road. Working with an expert vehicle wrap design company will make it easier for you to incorporate attention-grabbing elements into the advertisement without the important company information getting lost in the design.

    4. Align the Wrap Design with Company Goals

    When designing a vehicle wrap advertisement, it is important to ensure that the advertisement design aligns with other company branding and goals. Doing so will help provide potential customers with a cohesive message across all platforms, making it easier for them to trust your brand and the products or services being offered.

    If you would like to learn more tips for successfully advertising with a vehicle, or if you are interested in our vehicle wrap services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.