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  • Tips for Effective Window Wrap Advertising

    Custom window decals can be a great way to advertise your business, the products you sell, or the services you provide if they are utilized correctly. With so many considerations to keep in mind when designing and installing window decals, it can be difficult to know if they are effectively promoting your business or missing the mark. That is why the experts at Wrap Guys have compiled a list of tips for effective window wrap advertising to help you get the most out of your custom window decals and window wraps.

    Window Wrap Advertising Tips

    Learn if window decals can be reused.

    3 Tips to Maximize the Effectiveness of Window Wraps

    To ensure that your window wrap or window decals are effectively advertising your brand, products, services, or upcoming sales, it is important to:

    1. Start with Your Branding

    While a sign above your front door used to be enough for most businesses to stand out, modern businesses face more competition and are often tightly packed next to other properties. With so many businesses competing for the attention of shoppers, it can be difficult to stand out. By putting your branding front and centre on a wall wrap or series of window decals, you are drawing additional attention to your brand and making it easier for customers to notice you. Elements such as your logo, tagline/motto, or popular products can all be used to promote your brand and help you stand out.

    2. Consider the Size and Location

    When designing a window decal, it is crucial to consider where it will be placed and how large it will need to be. If your decal is too small, it may not be noticed by potential customers. If it is too large, it may be an eyesore or reduce the amount of natural light that enters your building. The goal is to ensure that your decals are large enough to be noticed without taking attention away from everything else. In addition to size, you will need to consider where each decal will be most effective. For example, if you are posting a decal with your operating hours, it would likely be most effective on your front door.

    3. Choose Vibrant Colours and Designs

    One of the biggest advantages of window wraps and decals is that they can have any colour printed on them. This allows you to perfectly match your brand colours or choose eye-catching colours that go well with your colour scheme. By opting for more vibrant colours, you are increasing your chances of standing out from your competitors, especially if most of them utilize neutral colours for their branding.

    To learn more about our solutions for custom window decals or to inquire about our car wrap services, get in touch with the team at Wrap Guys. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services.