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    Cabana Full Vehicle WrapSome people are hesitant when it comes to wrapping their vehicles. There is often a misconception that it is permanent and will be difficult to remove or switch to a new wrap. But that is exactly what it is – a misconception. With our state of the art printers and vinyl wrapping material we can ensure that your vehicle’s paint will be left in perfect condition and can be removed when it is time for a new wrap.

    Upgrading Your Brand

    One reason that you might want to switch your wrap is when your company is in the process of refreshing its brand. When you update your print materials, business cards, and website, the wrap should undergo the same changes. The wrap is an extension of your brand and it should reflect your business as best as it can. Just like we did the first time, we will take your new brand assets and come up with a unique, eye-catching design for your business.

    Wrap Lifespan

    Another reason you might be updating your wrap is because your current wrap is reaching its shelf life. Our high quality wraps last up to 9 years, and have a 7-year warranty. If your wrap is reaching its 9-year mark, then you can start thinking about the next design and wrap that you can have for the next 9!

    Off with the Old, On with the New

    When you are ready to put on your new wrap, come to us and we can start the process. We take special care and have a special process that we adhere to in order to ensure that your paint looks exactly as it did the day it was applied. We use heat to reactivate the adhesive and carefully remove the wrap. Once it is off we can install the new wrap.

    Switching to a new wrap does not need to be a worrisome endeavor. We take special care when choosing our materials, installing the wrap, and removing it. After years of wrapping we know wraps inside out and have our process down! If you have a wrap that you are interested in updating, give us a call at 604-996-6389 or fill out a quote online.