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    If car wraps can draw attention to your brand wherever it travels, why can’t a wrap draw attention to your brand where it is located? For retail storefronts or restaurants, outdoor building wraps and custom window decals are your answer!

    Storefront & Retail Wraps

    Los Tacos Hermanos Trailer WrapIf your business is located in a place where there is high traffic you definitely want potentials customers and clients to stop and look. With our high quality wraps you can put any eye-catching design you would like right on your business’ front door. Sometimes we don’t get to choose what our building looks like and changing it can be very costly. With a wrap you can change the look of your entire exterior.

    Put Your Brand Up Front & Centre

    We always encourage our clients to wrap their vehicles with their brand to give a professional, cohesive look. The same can be applied to a business front such as a retail store or restaurant.  The creativity is only limited by your imagination. Wrap your business’ windows with your logo and tagline, or showcase your offerings big enough for everyone to see.

    Weather Resistant & Removable Vinyl

    The best part about our outdoor wraps is that they are weather resistant. No mater what the temperature is or what’s falling from the sky, the wrap will stay stuck to your building. When you are ready to remove your wrap we can simply uninstall it without damaging the building. The wrap’s adhesive will stay active for years until you want to remove it. This allows you to wrap your business without worry of voiding your lease contract or incurring additional expenses to repair the building.

    Don’t get stuck in the same space as all your other business neighbors. Stand out to everyone by getting colorful and loud. Contact our wrap experts at 604-996-6389 and we can help push your brand that much further!