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  • Maximizing Exposure With A Vehicle Wrap

    Imagine for a moment – you are starting a brand new business – new logos, new branding, new equipment and vehicles. How are you going to get your name out and start bringing awareness to your brand? For some of you this might not be far from reality. We are proud to help new and growing business build up their name and increase the exposure of their brand. This can happen in many ways with a vehicle wrap.

    sport-clips-wrap3Local Exposure

    When you wrap your vehicle, it is being seen in the areas you do business in. Whether your driving around Langley or downtown Vancouver, people will take notice and those people are in your geographic target area. Each impression you make on someone will make them a potential customer, and it doesn’t cost you a cent more when your already on the job.

    Moving Billboard

    Wherever you are, so is your wrap. Unlike a billboard ad or an ad on a bus bench, your ad will be exposed to a new and unique audience each day.

    tiger-tools-vinyl-wrap1Improve Professionalism of Fleet

    To build up your brand’s quality and professionalism, wrap your fleet of vehicles. When potential customers see your company vehicles, it shows off the image of an established company. The best part is that even if you are leasing your company vehicles, the wraps can easily be installed and removed without any damage to the body or paint. The wraps actually protect the vehicle. So if you wrap the vehicle the day your receive it, it will look as if time hadn’t passed on the day you return it.

    So if you are thinking about building an established brand and increase your exposure, think about a wrap. We have wrapped tons of vehicles over the years from exotic sports cars to buses and everything in between. During this time, we have helped companies bring their business to a whole new level easily and affordably. Contact us at 604-996-6389 to get started!