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    Knowing and understanding proper matte vinyl wrap care can help you keep your matte vehicle wrap looking brand new for years to come. At Wrap Guys, we understand how important proper maintenance and upkeep for any type of vinyl wrap is. That is why our team of custom vinyl wrap experts are always available to answer any questions you might have.

    Matte vinyl wrap care

    How to Take Care of Matte Vinyl Wraps

    Taking care of matte vinyl wraps can offer a unique set of challenges due to their higher porous composition. Since this particular composition makes matte wraps more susceptible to damage from improper care, it is important to ensure that you take the following into consideration.

    Cleaning Products for Matte Vinyl Wraps

    Since cleaning a matte finish is meant to keep the vinyl wrap in the best condition possible, it is important to avoid using waxes or polishes that are designed to make cars shine better. Using traditional car wash soap or detail spray can also be a bad idea, as many of them contain slight amounts of waxes, silicones, and optical brighteners.

    Make sure to choose products that do not contain any waxes, silicone, or any other glossing agents in them. Consider using a combination of matte care products and a liquid paint coating dedicated to matte finishes to provide an effectively protected surface from staining, fading, and etching.

    Cleaning Matte Vinyl Wraps

    Cleaning a matte vinyl wrap is not much different then cleaning any other car’s surface. Using a two-bucket wash system with a matte car wash soap and plush wash mitts can effectively clean the car’s surface without contamination. Once the car has been washed, simply dry it down with clean microfibre towels or compressed air to minimize abrasion to the custom vinyl wrap.

    For cleaning stuck on contaminants, such as bugs, bird droppings, or water spots, try using a chemical cleaner that will safely break down the contaminants and allow them to be removed with a microfibre towel. You can also use a quick detail spray to clean soft contaminants (fingerprints, fresh bird droppings, and dust) without damaging the surface.

    Repairing Matte Vinyl Wrap Damage

    Certain matte vinyl materials, such as 3M vinyl, are considered self-healing wraps, as small damage can easily be repaired with a heat gun. For small dents or imperfections in the wrap, simply heat the surface with a heat gun or hairdryer by keeping it 6-12 inches away from the surface. As the wrap heats up, it will eventually smooth back out and look like new again.

    If you would like to learn more about matte vinyl wrap care, or if you are interested in one of our vehicle wrap services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.