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  • The installation process of a car wrap

    Previously we discussed the design process of our vehicle wraps. We work closely with business to create the best, eye-catching wraps for their brand. But in order to a wrap to be truly eye-catching, it needs to be installed correctly. This is why you should go with the wrapping experts at Wrap Guys. After years of wrapping experience, we can install our wraps quickly and immaculately.

    Preparing the vehicle for the wrap

    Full School Bus WrapBefore the installation process begins, the vehicle needs to be prepared. This means that it should be cleaned meticulously. Any dings, deep scratches, or rust spots should be cleaned and fixed as best as possible. Damage to the car’s body can leave the wrap looking imperfect and present visible craters. Washing the vehicle also helps to remove gunk, dirt, and debris. If a wrap is installed on an unclean vehicle, the adhesive will not stick nearly as well and the life of the wrap will be significantly reduced. You may notice peeling very quickly and require repair soon after installation.

    At Wrap Guys we ask that you help to help prepare your vehicle by giving it a good clean before hand. Please do not use wax on the vehicle prior to installation. Wax will create a layer between the body and the adhesive. When the wax heats up it will loosen the adhesive and the wrap will begin to bubble and peel.

    Vinyl wrap installation

    When we print our wraps on high quality vinyl, we have an understanding the vehicle and all its curves and crevasses. We cut our wraps so they fit around the curvature of the vehicle and ensure that there is no distortion or stretching in the graphic. We then carefully place the wrap on the vehicle. Our expert installers who take extreme care and detail handle this process thoroughly. The vinyl is not always one piece, so when two pieces of vinyl need to connect it takes time to make it a seamless connection. Once we are place the wrap we smooth it out with our wrap tools to remove any bubbles. Bubbles can ruin the look of the wrap and also lead to peeling. They could become punctured, lift further, and eventually ruin the wrap. The wrap is slowly placed from one section and smoothed to the other to eliminate bubbles and wrinkles. At the end you are left with a seamless wrap.

    The adhesive on the vehicle is extremely strong, so the vehicle is ready to be driven shortly after installation, no waiting time. Because of this it also takes extreme care to get installation done right the first time. If you are interested in having your vehicle vinyl wrapped, trust the experts at Wrap Guys to provide you with the best quality. Contact us today or request a free quote to get started!