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  • How Does Vinyl Wrap Hold Up in the Winter?

    Knowing how vinyl wrap holds up in the winter will help you ensure the longevity of your vehicle wrap. At Wrap Guys, we understand that your vinyl car wrap is an investment. That is why our team will always work hard to ensure your investment will last for years to come.

    How does vinyl wrap hold up in the winter?

    Can Winter Weather Damage a Vinyl Car Wrap?

    While cold weather, snow, and ice will not damage a vinyl car wrap and most vinyl wraps have adhesive that is designed to hold up against road salt, it is still important to take certain precautions to help protect your vinyl car wrap from harsh winter conditions. Some of the precautions that you can take include:

    Keeping the Vinyl Vehicle Wrap Clean

    Similar to any other time of the year, one of the best ways to care for a vinyl car wrap is to keep it as clean as possible. Make sure to handwash the vinyl wrap using soap and warm water, as power washers and chemical cleaners can be too hard on the vinyl. Depending on the area you are living in and how dirty the vehicle gets on a regular basis, you should consider washing the vinyl car wrap at least once every two weeks.

    Avoiding the Use of a Scraper

    In extreme winter conditions, snow and ice can quickly accumulate on a vehicle; however, it is important to note that scrapers should not be used to remove ice or snow from a vinyl wrap, including window graphics. Instead, make sure to use a soft brush combined with the car’s window defroster to remove accumulated ice and snow without causing any damage.

    Removing Road Salt

    Even though road salt is necessary for keeping road conditions safe and most vinyl materials are designed to withstand the corrosiveness of road salt, it is still important to remove road salt from your vinyl wrap on a regular basis. Since road salt is corrosive, leaving it on a vinyl wrap for long periods of time may lead to the wrap being damaged.

    Are Vinyl Wraps Harder to Apply in the Winter?

    Since vinyl is a sensitive material that expands and contracts with the temperature of the air around it, cold winter weather can sometimes pose a problem when it comes to applying a vinyl wrap to a vehicle. Some of these problems can include:

    • Vinyl can become brittle and non-pliable.
    • The adhesive can become less effective, so it does not stick to the surface as well as it should.
    • Metal and glass surfaces become difficult to work with because they cool too quickly.

    In order to avoid these problems, a reputable vinyl wrap company will apply the vinyl vehicle wrap in a temperature-controlled environment to ensure that the wrap is being applied properly and to the highest standards.

    If you would like to learn more about how vinyl wraps hold up in the winter, or if you are interested in one of our vinyl wrap services, please contact Wrap Guys at 604-996-6389 or by filling out a contact form on our website.