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  • How to Properly Install a Vinyl Car Wrap

    While installing a car wrap may seem like a simple task that you can complete by yourself, it is far more complex than it appears. From surface mapping and preparation to accurate cutting, there are many elements to consider when installing a vinyl wrap to ensure quality results. As a leading provider of high-quality car wraps for every type of vehicle, the team at Wrap Guys knows how important proper installation is for every wrap project. That is why we have compiled some information outlining how to properly install a vinyl car wrap to demonstrate why this process is best left to a professional.

    Proper Vinyl Wrap Installation

    Learn about 3 reasons to have your car wrap installed by a professional.

    4 Steps to Properly Wrap a Vehicle

    When installing a vinyl wrap, the following steps must be thoroughly completed to ensure high-quality and long-lasting results:

    1. Map Out the Vehicle’s Surface

    Before wrapping any vehicle, a wrap installer will need to inspect and measure the vehicle’s surface. Since each vehicle features unique dimensions and potential challenges, making a map of the surface ahead of time allows the technician to know where they will have to adjust the installation procedure to accommodate for curves or areas with minor damage.

    2. Prepare and Clean the Surface of the Vehicle

    The vehicle’s surface will then need to be thoroughly cleaned to remove any dirt or grime that may interfere with the application of the vinyl wrap. If your vehicle has significant surface damage such as large paint chips, deep scratches, or rust, it may be worth repairing these imperfections before applying a vinyl wrap. Some types of damage may show through the vinyl or cause damage to the wrap in the future, reducing its durability and usable life.

    3. Measure and Cut the Vinyl

    One of the most important steps in the vinyl wrap installation process is accurately measuring and cutting the vinyl to fit the contours of the vehicle’s body. A reputable vehicle wrap provider will always add a few extra inches to each of the measurements and then trim away the excess material after the wrap has been installed, minimizing the risk of imperfections.

    4. Apply the Vinyl to the Vehicle

    When installing the vehicle wrap, installers will carefully peel off the vinyl backing and begin laying the wrap on the vehicle. This process starts in the middle and works outward to the edges to avoid air bubbles. Once the wrap appears to be applied smoothly, the technician will use a squeegee and a heat gun to remove any air that might be trapped under the surface, ensuring a consistently smooth appearance.

    To learn more about our vinyl wrap design and installation services, get in touch with the team at Wrap Guys. We can be reached through our online contact form and will be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our services or the details of your project.