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  • How often should a vinyl wrap be replaced?

    So you are thinking of getting your vehicle wrapped but aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger. You could be thinking of advertising your business in a number of ways, but wraps offer one of the best “bang for your buck” solutions. We have a 7 year warranty on our wraps, so you know that your investment is going to last you at least 84 months! But make sure you care for your wrap and update it when necessary!

    Caring for your wrap

    SUV WrapWhile our warranty lasts 7 years, mishaps can happen in that time. Dings, scratches, and dents can occur in regular everyday use. We recommend that you bring in your wrap for maintenance if any of these occur. While the adhesive on the vinyl is very strong, it can potentially lift and cause peeling to a larger portion of the wrap. Your wrap is a representation of your brand, so you want it to look pristine. Conduct regular wrap maintenance to ensure you are showing off your wrap’s best side. If the wrap is maintained and cared for, it can last the full 7 years without requiring a replacement.

    Brand and design updates

    Another reason to have your wrap replaced is due to brand redesign. Every so often your company’s brand may go under a redesign. We want your wrap to be updated as well to ensure a cohesive message and standard across all mediums. We would recommend that the wrap is removed and updated with the brand. Depending on your business this could be every 5 – 7 years.

    Avoid exhaustion

    How many times have you seen the same television ad or heard the same radio ad? It gets exhausting, you become accustomed to it, and you ultimately ignore it. This could happen with your wrap if you are covering a very small area for years at a time. You might want to redesign the wrap to change things up and refresh your exposure. This could align with a brand redesign every 5 -7 years.

    We are confident in the effectiveness of vinyl wraps and even more confident in the quality of our vinyl wraps. If you are interested in having your vehicle wrapped or a current vehicle rewrapped, contact us at 604-996-6389 or online for a free quote.