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  • How big can we wrap?

    When it comes to size, we have wrapped large concrete pumps and entire walls, but you might ask – just how big can you wrap? The answer is, as big as we want! With proper installation technique, we can print a wrap and install it seamlessly on almost any surface to any scale. The process is easy and straightforward with only one piece installed at a time.

    Large Vinyl Wraps

    You have likely seen large movie posters or advertisements on the side of buildings and wonder how they have been applied? How large is the printer that produced this monster! But here is how we do it: We start off by designing the wrap, like any normal project. We design it to scale with the understanding of how large it needs to be. When it is time to print the wrap, we print it in strips. We use our standard printer to produce small sections at a time. We know which section goes where, like a puzzle. Once we have all the pieces its time for installation. The area is then marked to installation, and we begin to install the vinyl piece by piece. Each piece is carefully installed so that they line up perfectly and seamlessly. When you stand back the entire wrap looks like one single piece because it has been so carefully assembled.

    Each one of the vinyl wraps that we produce and install is subject to the same care and detail we take for the large ones. If you are interested in a large wrap or even just a small one, contact us at 604-996-6389 and find out how we can help you out.